Central London

20,000 sq ft

Workplace consultancy, space planning, interior design, furniture specification

Project undertaken whilst at HKS Architects Ltd.



Vubiquity’s vision was to create a best in class workplace that created an “eyes wide open” experience for staff and clients alike.

The office needed to inspire and deliver a Hollywood feeling that both surprised people and offered a fantasy experience that will make employees and visitors want to come back and experience the environment time and time again.

The key client need was to consolidate all disparate Vubiquity staff from across London and consolidate the workforce into a single modern office environment that better reflected the Vubiquity global brand. The office needed to be flexible enough to accommodate an expanding workforce in the future and be market leading in appearance in order to attract and retain both best in class staff and global corporate client organisations.

We are pleased to announce that Vubiquity was on the shortlist for a Mixology Award.

What our client said about us

“Nick and his team delivered a highly creative workplace environment to Vubiquity that exceeded our expectations. The team were great to work with and they honoured their promises to us. Our new workplace more than meets the original brief. The office has also facilitated significant business change, whilst still being flexible enough to adapt again in the future as our circumstances change.” | Paul Rudland

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